John Wayne

“I was overwhelmed by the feeling of friendship, comradeship, and brotherhood… DeMolay will always hold a deep spot in my heart.” 

(Pittsburgh Steelers) Four Super Bowl Championships, Quarterback, Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, TV Analyst

Terry Bradshaw

Carl Albert

Former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives - "In reflecting on my forty-nine years of public service, I find that the precepts of the Order of DeMolay have been invaluable to me. This was particularly true the two times I was just a heartbeat away from the presidency of the United States and faced very difficult decisions. My public life, as well as my private life, has been guided by the DeMolay vow – to love and serve God, my country, and my fellow man.” Also a prominent member of Kappa Alpha Order.

Cartoonist, Producer, Creator & Businessman - "I feel a great sense of obligation and gratitude toward the Order of DeMolay for the important part it played in my life. Its precepts have been invaluable in making decisions, facing dilemmas and crises. DeMolay stands for all that is good for the family and for our country. I feel privileged to have enjoyed membership in DeMolay."

Walt Disney

Paul Harvey

"It seems that today, many young Americans flock to gangs. They are starved for a surrogate family. They don't have to be. In my generation, and in this one, there is DeMolay to funnel the energies of young Americans into building challenging, inspiring, rewarding, and constructive lives for themselves. Young Americans, it's all here in DeMolay. Come and get it!"

The First "Ronald McDonald", and deemed as "America's Most Beloved Weatherman"

Willard Scott

Fran Tarkenton

NFL Quarterback who led the Minnesota Vikings to three NFC Championship Games, a Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee - "It is a great honor to be inducted into the DeMolay Hall of Fame. In today's society where there is so much violence and heartache, it's a gratifying feeling to know there is such a fine organization as DeMolay to look up to and lean on for guidance and support. I am proud to be a member!"

Test Pilot, Astronaut and First Human Being to Walk on the Moon

Willard Scott

Ernest Borgnine

Famous Actor and Academy Award Winner

   Other notable persons

-Alvin Dark - Major League Baseball Player and Manager
-President Bill Clinton
-Billy Dicken - Former Purdue University and Arena Football Quarterback
-Charles Robb - Former Governor of Virginia, and also a Former US Senator from Virginia
-Chet Huntley - Famous TV Newscaster
-Dan Rather - Journalist and Long-Time Newscaster
-Danny White - Quarterback for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys, Coach for the AFL's Arizona Rattlers and Motivational Speaker
-Dick and Tommy Smothers - The World-Famous Comedy Team "The Smothers Brothers"
-James H. Douglas - Governor of Vermont
-General John P. McConnell - Fighter Pilot and Former United States Air Force Chief of Staff
-Fred MacMurray - Movie & TV Actor
-Greg Evigan - American TV Actor
-Karl Reed - Businessman, Mediator and Community Leader
-Captain Lance P. Sijan – Vietnam Prisoner of War and Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
-Mark Calaway - Professional Wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment, who goes by the Wrestling Name "The Undertaker"
-Mike Enzi - US Senator from Wyoming
-Paul E. Tsongas - Former U.S. Senator from Massachusetts and 1992 Democratic Presidential Candidate
-Richard King - Former President of Rotary International, Community Advocate and Businessman
-Robert B. Anderson - Former Secretary of the Treasury, Former Secretary of the Navy
-Roy Clark - Musician, Guitar Player and TV Personality
-Walter Cronkite - Long-Time Newscaster, Narrator, and deemed "The Most Trusted Man in America"
-William "Bill" Bradley - Former Pro Basketball Player in the NBA, Former US Senator from New Jersey and Former Presidential Candidate

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